nedjelja, 15. svibnja 2011.

4. gifs

Check out some new .gifs I prepared for you :) the PTSP dog.. war was tough on him... also check out this guy pissing on some officers.. it makes me laugh every single time.
Some people say to me that .gif blog can't make it and no one will like it.. but I say to them "Haters gonna hate" with the 3rd .gif in this post :)

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  1. For some reason it wont load the first gif for me unless I click on it :) so you should click too

  2. Yeah, same for me. Cool blog though.

  3. The second one made me laugh. Hard.

  4. lol pissin on the cops

    i wana see him explain that to the judge

  5. Aww, the dog in the first one looks just like my old dog, Scooter. He passed away a few years ago, but I bet he would like cupcakes too.