utorak, 17. svibnja 2011.

7. gifs

Here we have some Leo diCaprio in action driving his car with the Inception crew and dancing to the music..
Next we have the cutest cat and a puppy playing.. actually the cat is messing with the little doggy :)

ponedjeljak, 16. svibnja 2011.

6. gifs

Here we go again with some stuff that will make you laugh :) or crack a smile a bit :P
First, we have possibly the best Bus prank in existence.. I laughed so hard at it..
Second, really funny prank that some husband pulled on his wife..

nedjelja, 15. svibnja 2011.

5. gifs

Can anyone explain the first .gif to me? what is that inside that baloon he made??
The second .gif is crazy, that little doggy played too much GTA stealing vehicles of people :)
3rd one is hilarious, crazy guy acting like he got electrecuted.. other guy just freaks out

4. gifs

Check out some new .gifs I prepared for you :) the PTSP dog.. war was tough on him... also check out this guy pissing on some officers.. it makes me laugh every single time.
Some people say to me that .gif blog can't make it and no one will like it.. but I say to them "Haters gonna hate" with the 3rd .gif in this post :)

subota, 14. svibnja 2011.

3. gifs

anyone knows good .gifs page? I want to make my .gif database bigger and for my blog to have all .gifs available on the internet :)

check out this dwarf beating the living hell out of that dude and those crazy guys in some kind of a chariot

Here are some fresh .gifs to enjoy :) cya

petak, 13. svibnja 2011.

First post :) hi

Hey everybody, I'll try to upload new .gifs everyday and make your day at work, school, at home a little bit better :)
so here are few gifs to get us started